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Association Prévention Routière

Created in 1949, the Association was recognized as a public-interest organization in 1955, and is one of the main participants in the road safety scene in France.

Its mission

To reduce road traffic deaths and injuries, the organization reaches thousands of people every year through 38,000 awareness-raising and educational activities with children and young people, as well as employees and other vulnerable persons such as pedestrians, cyclists and the elderly.

The Association intervenes throughout France, thanks to its regional and local network, and the active participation of 1300 volunteers.

It is supported by 80,000 members and donors, several local authorities, companies and many partners, including the association Attitude Prévention.

The organization participates in public debates and is a driving force behind proposals, both nationally and internationally.

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Renault Foundation

The Renault Foundation: created in 2001, it embodies the Group’s humanist, social and societal values. It was initially specialised in higher education through its programs of excellence aiming to help the younger generation to prepare itself to future jobs, since 2018 it evolved to manage all the corporate philanthropy supported by the Renault Group in the fields of inclusive mobility, safety and sustainability with a strong focus on the regions in which it operates.

It has forged numerous partnerships with associations in the fields in which it operates. In 2019, the Renault Group Corporate Foundation supported some 30 associations.

Playing an active international role, it coordinates local Renault foundations in Europe, North Africa and South America and it is also a recognized socio-economic player in many countries.

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