The roots of the project

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, road accidents are the main cause of death for children and young people from 5 to 29 years old.

million deaths annually
death every 24 seconds

More than half of road accident victims are vulnerable road users : pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, etc.

Faced with this staggering figure we decided to act, by creating the first universal platform intended for all audiences. This platform raises users’ awareness of road dangers and the proper behaviour to move safely.

How ?

By spreading prevention messages in the form of illustrations :

The project in 5 steps

Assess the damage and act

Following the WHO’s alarming figures, we decided to create Road4us, the first platform accessible to everyone: children and adults, throughout the world, to raise awareness about road dangers and how to behave.


Essential messages

We identified around the world the leading causes of accidents and high-risk behaviours on the road. Based on our research, we established priority prevention tips compiled in about fifteen themes.


Raise awareness with illustrations

We illustrated these issues so everyone could understand them. They are simple and textless illustrations with universal codes.


Tests for an optimal tool

Before the website was created, illustrations were tested on many audiences (children, adults, groups and individuals) with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Based on their feedback we optimized the illustrations so the messages were as comprehensible as possible.


A website to help you

After months of testing, Road4us is finally ready! It is accessible in 7 languages.

After reviewing the illustrations, you can download them, even print them if needed, to raise awareness among the target audience and thus, incite good behaviour.

Road4us is at your disposal and free of charge.

How does the notation with stars work?

You can rate the illustrations by assigning a grade on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

the message is incomprehensible
the message is hard to understand
the message isn’t easy to understand
the message is fairly easy to understand
the message is completely understandable

Your opinion matters to us

You can submit a detailed review here :

Answer the questionnaire

Your reviews able us to keep improving, and raise awareness to a broader audience. Become an active force in road safety, by sharing and making Road4us known around you!



Thank you to all of the volunteer translators for their precious help.

  • Noemi Alcaraz Juan: French to Spanish translator
  • Yohan Alvarez: French to Spanish translator
  • Mariela Bosque: French to Spanish translator
  • Mathieu Chang: French to Chinese translator
  • Emmanuelle Chrestian: French to English translator
  • Léna Deroo: French to English translator
  • Xiaobei Guo: French to Chinese translator
  • Ghassen Mechergui: French to Arabic translator
  • Mônica Medrado Abrantes: French to Portuguese translator
  • Dounia Mokadem: French to Arabic translator
  • Isabel Silva: French to Portuguese translator
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